FULL MATCH - Shayna Baszler vs. Io Shirai - NXT Women’s Title Match: NXT TakeOver: XXV

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 9 जून, 2021
Shayna Baszler’s dominance is tested when she defends the NXT Women’s Championship in a grueling contest against Io Shirai at NXT TakeOver: XXV: Courtesy of Peacock and WWE Network.
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  • japanese wrestler is the best but you ruined it

  • She very bad way win

  • Io shirai everything

  • 🧡🧡

    • يالله يالله يالله يالله يالله يالله يالله يالله يالله🤲

  • Shayna Bayslar is not a Champion. She requires outside interference/distraction to win. Spells what a champion she is to require outside help. Be yourself a real champion.

  • every women on NXT, dont need to go RAW or Smackdown... bcs they will become jober 😂

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • في هنا عرب

  • NXT Is the best

  • If rolling back defeat Shayna

  • I is on the way to becoming another Asuka

  • Wow friend

  • Basura naman yan si shayna e , alam lang pandaraya kulang nalang patayin nya kalaban para manalo di naman talaga yan wrestler yan UFC fighter sya jusko

  • Shirai сейчас лучше наряды

  • 12:52--兩個白痴

  • wwe made shayna a fool

  • Io 🤩

  • My impression of this woman in black is not very good. Will find friends to take advantage of others, or find two friends to interrupt the game. Poor ugly girl.

  • This tough entertaining no back up talent skillfulness intense title match

  • )))))))....... 🧈🧈🧈🧈🧈🧈🧈🧈🧈 *))))))))))))))) 💪🏆

  • Great match overall. And great post match outburst by the genius of the tap. Hate how everyone goes to sleep when choked nowadays, esp to Roman's guillotine. Nothing wrong with an old fashioned tap submission I say

  • io moonsaults are awesome

  • 😀❤️👍

  • 14



  • Shayna needs to become champion again she deserve better she's the best wrestler ever she's better than all wrestlers she's the queen she should be taking over 🤠

  • Dirty winner

    • Yes that's Shayna she's taking over ghost town in South Dakota right now she is the sheriff 🤠

  • I feel sorry for women like IO, Dakota, Toni, LeRae by the time they call them up on Raw or Smackdown... I wonder how WWE Creative gonna book them😢🤦‍♀️

  • And now she's running from dolls.

  • I hope Shayla get her teeth fixed

    • Shut up hater all hail Shayna 40 times I hope he knock your teeth out then who will get their teeth fixed now

  • NXT is the best thing to happen to Io. She was stuck in the same gimmick that she had in Japan and was able to evolve into what she is now. A BEAST.

    • @shortboypinoy still shut up hater all hail Shayna 🤠

    • @牧見今野 It's entirely possible to keep the same gimmick like Asuka has but some people just need that extra push. It's too bad Kairi left because she was just getting onto something good with Asuka. Maybe they'll use Sarray staying true as a future storyline against Io.

    • @cowboy shayna 2x Shayna needs her glory restored 😭

    • Shut up all hail Shayna 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

    • I guess the same treatment is needed for Sarray soon after.

  • イオちゃん、お姫様です、お姫様らしく、いつもどおり頑張ってください、お姫様をおうえんをします

  • Off bebişlerim siz dövüşmeyin başka bişey yapın

  • It's really how much they ruined Shayna Baszler on the main roster they have completely buried her worse than they ever buried Asuka they both deserve better I miss both versions of them on NXT went both of them were serious and were threats to the women's division now look what happened to them on the main roster it pissed me off

  • イオちゃん、お姫様です

  • I still love how Shayna would scream "nxt women's champion!" when she was announced.

  • Shayna needs to get back dominant again

  • Mampus shayna

  • Io shirai is so power ❤️✨

    • Shut all hail Shayna you deserve to get put in a arm bar by her

  • Wwe really dropped the ball big time on shayna I hope her feud with Bliss do her good

  • Sister, are you up

  • Io shirai....💖💖💖💖

  • 9:36 , BEAUTIFUL.

  • Love shirai n asuka

    • Hater shut up all hail Shayna

  • I miss this Shayna Baszler.

  • I would've loved to see nxt Asuka and shayna go at it...

    • Me too Shayna Baszler will win 🤠

  • Damn I love NXT.

  • Shayna is boring. I stop watching nxt women championship match because of her.

    • @cowboy shayna 2x yeah, you are kid. Hahahahah. Thanh you make me happy after stressful working hours. Very cute😂😂😂

    • @one true ace I'm 50 years old you will get your eye punched

    • @cowboy shayna 2x you are kid? OK, poor you 😂😂😂

    • Shut up hater you deserve to get put in a rodeo submission lock by her you need to tap out all hail Shayna Baszler 🤠 🤠

  • Amazing that now Baszler is running away from dolls

    • @Rosè Rose ni

    • @Rosè Rose Exactly.

    • She just wants to play with her

    • @Rosè Rose ikr if there’s a doll in my room that ain’t my house I live in Japan 🇯🇵

    • Who wouldn’t run away from a demonic doll tf?

  • Shayna should beat Ripley for the title and thats that

  • They ruined Shayna sooo much can we get this badass shayna back

  • io shirai is the best wrestler ... ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Two very talented women here, some of the best. Also the announcer's hair is beautiful lol Go girls do your thing

    • @cowboy shayna 2x lol IO is badass brother. Female wrestling has really come up congrats these ladies

    • Just Shayna Baszler 🤠

  • Excellent match

  • Bring this shayna back wwe you are wasting her right now

  • Candice on the rescue is I think unexpected

    • @cowboy shayna 2x ohhh!!! well,you can't shut me up! WHY? because i have my own mouth,i have my own mind,i have my own opinion..clearly, YOU DON'T OWN ME🙄

    • Shut up all hail Shayna 🤠

  • Shayna could be leveled with Ronda but WWE main roster buries talent

  • We need more shayna baszler matches in nxt

  • Oh man I feel so bad about her on Raw 🥺😖

    • Shut up hater all hail Shayna Baszler 🤠

  • Shayna is a killer..😈

  • Xấu hổ thừa rồi còn đánh người thêm nhục quá bà áo đỏ

  • Lots of Io content lately. Keep it up.

    • @cowboy shayna 2x ?? 😭

    • Shut up

  • Bring back the NXT Shayna 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • My Favorite Wwe Superstar ♠️👑

  • This is the Shayna we wanted on Monday Night Raw

  • This is who Asuka should’ve defended her title against not just sitting in catering

  • Can't wait until Io is on SD.

  • Ada apa Dengan giginya Shayna?😁hitam banget 😁 Tapi selamat deh dia menang 😁👍 Shirai takut kalah 😁😛

    • @Karyaminarti Dachi haha emang iya kalo diliat serem juga

    • @Zaky 14 oh... baiklah Soalnya agak serem banget liatnya 🤪😁👍

    • Gigi nya dia kasi warna hitam biasa nya itu untuk Pelindung kalau gigi nya di tinju jadi gak copot tu gigi

  • I love it when they do this. "Hey remember this wrestler? Well she ran from a doll this week."

    • @cowboy shayna 2x I AM NOT A SHAYNA BASZLER HATER! The woman was the most dangerous woman to grace WWE's locker room at one stage. Now just like so many before her, they have dropped the ball and turned her into a parody of herself. No one said anything about hating her so stop looking for an argument you troll.

    • @Joshua Bonfield that doesn't mean that you have to be mean about her you hater all hail Shayna Baszler 🤠

    • @cowboy shayna 2x Dude. She ran from a doll...

    • Shut up all hail Shayna 🤠


  • Remember these 2, they are some of the best in the world. Well, 1 has left, and the other is being beaten by Reginald

  • Poor looser

  • .....Share the gospel ,repent of your sins and be born again before it is too late, and keep the commandments..... and stop worshipping the wrong thing worship the one and only Jesus,GOD.......

  • Shayna I play mostly he does pure bad should also do with him👎😈👹

  • That slap at the starting of the match hurt me to

  • Now shayna like a kid..she scared a doll lol..so funny

  • WWE wonderfull 😀💪👍👍

  • I hope release of Io's full match 2 days in series doesn't mean anything ominous.

  • I want this Shayna back PD: Io Shirai is the best female wrestler in the world ❤

  • Io thick 😍

  • Lol nun of this even matters on the main roster

  • Looking at shayna is like a beast, she rule NXT same as the four horsewomen.

  • Memories.

  • Now she runs away from a doll.

  • Back when Shayna is dominant champion.

  • I love how this stupid company keeps posting these types of videos. You show us how great our favorite wrestlers were before the senile old fool gets his stupid little hands on em. AEW! AEW! AEW!

  • Io is so beautiful.

  • The u deserve it chants 🤣🤣

  • I miss THIS Shayna NXT version > main roster version

  • W33 WWE já

  • Shayna Baszler won the match and retained her NXT 👩‍🦰 Championship.

  • And now Shayna's afraid of dolls.

  • Wwe has some nerve uploading NXT Shayna matches

  • Shayna can beat Io but not a doll. LILY FOR WOMEN’S CHAMPION!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

  • Enjoyed this match

  • Ah. Back when Shayna wasn't a joke.

  • I’m sorry if I sound sexist but is it just me or do the women not knock each to the floor or pick people up as much as the men.

    • @Arrow2600 At least they like do more acrobatic jumps and twists and things like that more than the men but I’m not sure I like some finishers they do. I do like the more submissions they do though. However always good to see some one literally having the life squeezed out of them in men’s wwe.

    • You're right.

  • NXT is definitely a better show than RAW. Now I'm actually understanding Balor's decision to return to NXT

    • RAW is the worst television show ever

  • Gi